Backpack Tucano Compatto Pop! Shopper
Backpack Tucano Compatto Pop! Shopper
Backpack Tucano Compatto Pop! Shopper

Compatto Mendini Shopper


Super light completely foldable shopping bag

Super-light and versatile and designed by Alessandro Mendini, Compatto Mendini Shopper will become your faithful companion on city shopping trips. It is always ready to be transformed from a small pouch into a shopping bag with a simple action, and resolves all your space and carrying problems. The water-resistant treated nylon means that Compatto Mendini Shopper is the best choice to carry and protect all your purchases in both good and bad weather. Folded in upon itself, within the zigzag-stitched pocket, it transforms in just a few seconds into a light pouch that can be kept always at hand in your backpack or bag. The special graphics in the front make it instantly recognisable when folded.
  • White
  • Multicolor1
  • Black



Extra light bag made of water resistant technical fabric
Packed dimensions: 22 x 16 x 6 cm
Packable, to occupy a minimum space, folding itself into the pocket pointed out by the contrasting color stitching
Extremely capacious: 35 L


Suggested device size: -1,00 x -1,06 x -1,00
External size (cm): 42,00 x 44,00 x 20,00
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