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Universal case for tablet 9" to 11"

Universal case for 9"-11" tablets. Inside we find X-Fit, the silicone fastening system designed by Tucano to fit perfectly to your tablet. With a simple gesture it turns into a convenient stand to tilt your tablet and use the best web or video content, to write, watch movies and photos. The foldable back allows you to take photos without removing the case. A small suction cup inside the case ensures the closure of the front cover on the display of the tablet.
  • Blue
  • Black


tablet up to 11"


Ultra-slim design
Front flap for full device protection
Anti shock padding
Internal pocket for credit cards
X-Fit, an interior anti-slip universal system that consists of easy-fitting silicone rubber elastic straps that hook up the tablet to the case
One small suction cup fix the front flap to your tablet screen
Built-in back cover converts into a practical stand with different positions


Suggested device size: 17,50 x 27,50 x 1,20
External size (cm): 18,80 x 27,90 x 0,90
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