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Our products are designed and selected by Italian designers, are patented and are subject to copyright. Tucano reserves the right to make any technical, constructive and dimensional changes useful for improving their own products at any time. The colors of the products photographed are indicative because they are subject to the typical variations of photographic and printing processes. All trademarks that appear on the pages of this site are those of their lawful owners.


This article is addressed to the end user or “Consumer” therefore to any natural person who takes actions which are not related to his/her own business, commercial or professional activity. For corporate customers or retailers, please refer to the reserved sections. The sales prices of the products listed on the site include VAT. Prices do not include transport/shipping costs (both within the Italian territory and outside of it), which are calculated at the time of purchase.


The purchase procedure is as follows: click on the image of the desired product to access the description page; if you would like to purchase the product, click ‘add to cart’ and then click ‘cart’. To proceed with the purchase you must select the destination country for the shipment and then click go to the checkout (or to continue with your purchases continue browsing). You can then proceed either as a guest user or as a registered user (recommended).

The registration procedure is quick and easy. The next steps include confirmation of the shipping/delivery address, choice of shipping method, calculation of shipping costs, payment by credit card or PayPal account. Finally, wait for confirmation of the transaction. A confirmation email will be sent to your specified email address.


Tucano International SA, through La Posta Svizzera, will deliver the order placed to the address indicated in the registration. The average delivery times for the goods are 2 or 3 working days. No liability can be attributed to the supplier for delayed or non-delivery attributable to causes of force majeure or to unforeseeable circumstances.

Upon receipt, the Consumer must verify that the product ordered corresponds to the product delivered to him/her, by confirming the following:

• That the number of packages (number of boxes) indicated on the carrier’s bill of lading corresponds to the number of packages actually delivered.
• That the package is intact, undamaged and dry, and in any case conforms to the standard characteristics (described above) of a package from Tucano International SA.

Only after such verification should the Customer sign the delivery receipt, after which he/she will not be able to file a complaint regarding the external characteristics of what was delivered to him/her in relation to the order placed. However, if the Customer finds that what was ordered does not correspond with what is being delivered, verified in the manner mentioned above, the Customer is not required to accept the goods and should file a complaint directly with the carrier.


The Consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract, in full or in part, without explanation and without incurring additional expenses, provided that this is done in compliance with the following procedures:

• The Consumer must then return the product, at his/her own expense, by sending it to the following address: Tucano International SA Piazzetta Luigi Fontana 4, 6850 Mendrisio.

If the withdrawal has been exercised in accordance with the described procedures, Tucano International SA will refund the entire amount paid for the purchase in the shortest possible time and in any case within 30 days from the date in which Tucano International SA became aware of the exercise of the right of withdrawal by the Consumer. The refund will include the amount paid for the delivery of the product. Only the costs of returning the product will remain at the expense of the Consumer.


In addition to the provisions of point 5, the Consumer may cancel the entire order or change it no later than 12 hours after it has been placed.

To change or cancel the order, you must notify Tucano’s customer service department via e-mail at the online order number and the date upon which the order was sent must always be indicated. Tucano’s customer service department will contact the Consumer regarding the feasibility of the requested change(s).


The prices of the products offered may be subject to change. Only the price calculated at the time the order is placed will apply to the Consumer’s order with no consideration of any price increases or reductions that may occur


The Consumer must pay for the products purchased upon sending the order confirmation by using one of the credit card options available and indicated on line or via his or her PayPal account. Tucano International SA is not liable for any fraudulent and unlawful use of credit cards by third parties upon payment for products purchased. In fact, at no time during the purchase procedure is Tucano International SA aware of the buyer’s credit card information. This information is transmitted via a secure server directly to PayPal, the operator of the service.

Payment by credit card is subject to the following conditions:

• The fixed line, home telephone number must be provided (indicate that of the card holder if different from that of the person placing the order).
• The person placing the order must also be the person whose name is on the credit card.
• The products will be shipped to the address indicated by the person placing the order

Il pagamento con carte di credito è sottoposto alle seguenti condizioni:

• Occorre fornire il numero telefonico fisso di casa (indicare l'intestatario dell'utenza se diverso dall'ordinante).
• I prodotti saranno spediti all'indirizzo indicato dall'intestatario dell'ordine.


Tucano International SA guarantees compliance with quality standards relative to its products.

Tucano International SA assumes no liability for lack of service attributable to causes of force majeure, such as accidents, theft, explosions, fires, strikes and/or lockouts, earthquakes, floods and other similar events that prevent, in whole and/or in part from executing the contract within the contractually agreed times.

Tucano International SA is in no way liable for the information, data and any technical or other inaccuracies that may be contained on this site. Tucano International SA disclaims all liability for direct or indirect damages of whatever nature or in whatever form they arise, consequent to the use of this site and/or of the news, photos and information contained therein.

Tucano International SA assumes no liability for the information acquired from individual producers or distributors. Tucano International SA will not be liable to any party for damages, losses and costs incurred as a result of non-performance of the contract for the aforementioned causes.


The products purchased through Tucano International SA are protected by the manufacturer's warranty. This warranty will only be applicable to faults that occur despite the normal use of the product, i.e. in accordance with its intended use and with what is set forth in any technical documentation, and in compliance with the various operating standards indicated therein.

Any objections to defects in the goods may be submitted within the period of 8 days. If an inspection of the defective goods reveals that the damages can be attributed to the buyer’s behavior (e.g. damage due to inappropriate use of the item), the costs for delivery of the replacement will be borne by the buyer.

The above guarantee will not be applicable in case of negligence, carelessness in the use and maintenance of the product, connection of the purchased product to electrical systems or any other type of connection that does not comply with the standards.

The guarantee is personal and will therefore apply only to the original buyer, being reserved for direct Consumers and not merchants, retailers etc.

Tucano International SA is not in any case liable for any damage or loss caused to the Consumer or to third parties that are due to faults caused by manufacturing defects in the products sold by it. These liabilities are in fact the sole responsibility of the original producer, under the terms of the guarantee provided by the manufacturer.


The buyer is strictly prohibited from entering false data and/or that of third persons in the registration procedure necessary to activate the process for the execution of the contract and further communications. Tucano International SA will legally prosecute any violation and abuse, in the interest and for the protection of all consumers.


Tucano International SA reserves the right to terminate the contract entered into (the order), simply by notifying the Consumer of the same, with adequate and justified reasons; in this case, the Consumer will only have the right to the refund of any amount already paid.

The obligations assumed by the Buyer (see the paragraph “Buyer’s Obligations” above), as well as the guarantee of successful payment made by the Consumer in the manner established in the “Payment” paragraph are essential; therefore, non-compliance of the Consumer with any of these obligations will result in the legal termination of the contract, without the need for a judicial ruling, without prejudice to the right of Tucano International SA to take legal action in regards to compensation for any damages incurred.


The privacy policy relating to is available on the relevant section of the website.


The Electronic Commerce software utilized by us makes use of the best information encryption techniques according to SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, therefore all personal information and data related to the Consumer’s credit card are sent via the Internet and are therefore not available to be seen by indiscreet eyes.

It is possible for the user to use a Secure SSL Server, in a very transparent way, using the most updated version of: Safari, Netscape, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. These browsers are able to communicate in an encrypted way with Tucano International SA’s Secure Server, which will transmit the Consumer’s information to the banking circuit (always encrypted) for verification.

When sending and receiving data through a connection to an SSL Secure Server, forms are displayed that indicate the reaching of secure areas (Hard Copy Form) and with the web address of the website characterized by the https prefix (note the final “s”).

Tucano International SA uses the SSL Secure Server for the transmission of credit card data. In practice: after selecting the payment by credit card, you will access a page that allows you to enter the data and send the data to the SSL Secure Server. Access to the SSL Secure Server only takes place when the data is sent. Until you press the “Send Data” button there is no risk: the data remains on the user's computer. Only after the “Send” button is clicked does the data enter PayPal's transactional circuit.

PayPal transactions take place under completely secure conditions: all data is transmitted according to the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security system. The use of this technology requires that confidential information travel on the Internet only in encrypted form, or encoded according to a complex mathematical algorithm that guarantees the confidentiality of communications and the inaccessibility of the data transmitted.


Our business is based solely on Swiss law. The competent court shall be that of Winterthur.
We are also authorized to use the customer's court system.


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