Tucano is a leading Italian manufacturer of bags, backpacks, and covers for electronic devices. The company is active in the business, travel, and leisure markets. Founded in Milan in 1985, thanks to the entrepreneurial intuition of Franco Luini, its founder and CEO, Tucano was born together with the computer market, producing the first computer carrying cases in the late 80s.

In a practically untouched market, Tucano launched a variety of solutions for the first compact PC in history, the legendary Apple Macintosh Plus designed by Steve Jobs and presented to the public in 1986. Tucano has continued to keep pace with Apple's innovative product lines, designing bags, backpacks and covers for the computer company’s most revolutionary products: the MacBook, the iPhone and the iPad.

Tucano’s PC bags were ahead of their time in a world where personal computers would soon revolutionize everyday life. In the 1990s, with the marketing of the first laptops, Tucano created Computer Comforts, the first complete range of high-tech, black computer bags specifically designed to carry and protect them.

Since personal computers came equipped with a mouse, Tucano was the first Italian company to focus on the mousepad. Colorful and fun, mousepads became increasingly popular and made Tucano a household name.

The Milan-based company continues to focus on this market, investing in research and development and the production of innovative and "smart" products designed for a customer base of digital-natives. In a short time, in addition to protection, the company also focused on color, offering new collections that revolutionized the concept of high-tech computer bags and achieved unexpected results. Design, careful choices in terms of the materials used and the adoption of sophisticated accents have generated exclusive and iconic products that brought the brand international recognition: the Second Skin® and the Work Out bag unequivocally express the spirit of this trend-setting design.

Since 2017, Tucano has focused on sustainability and reducing its environmental impact through the adoption of recycled plastic or compostable materials for a substantial portion of its product catalog. These certified materials and accessories are in line with new European regulations. Taking on the challenge of ethical and environmentally-friendly production can play a crucial role in safeguarding the planet and is also part of a larger program. Tucano's focus on social and environmental responsibility is part of a corporate program that envisions a complete transformation, which also extends to the company's internal operations. This commitment has resulted in a series of concrete, green initiatives such as controlled waste management and reduction as well as energy requalification.


Tucano has an extensive presence in more than 60 countries, selling approximately 5 million products annually. It’s primary target markets are consumers who use Apple products, as well as the education, tech, travel and lifestyle channels. In addition to its headquarters in Milan’s Piazza Castello, Tucano has four international branches based in New York, Dongguan, Bangalore and Mendrisio. Tucano’s products are manufactured in Dongguan (southern China), where in addition to the manufacturing facilities, there is a specialized quality-control sector that strictly monitors all stages of the production process.


A highly successful area within the company is “Tucano for business”, the division that customizes or designs tailor-made solutions for Italian and international companies, with a strong focus based on excellence and quality. The products designed and manufactured by Tucano’s corporate division are made with exclusive materials and accents, which are the result of a careful analysis of each company’s unique needs and requirements.




Tucano is an Italian company that manufactures bags, backpacks, cases and accessories designed for a fast-paced, digital life. It was founded in 1985 by Franco Luini. In over thirty years of doing business Tucano has established their corporate identity with worldwide production and distribution, thanks to practical, functional and technologically advanced products.


In 1985, Franco Luini founded Tucano in Milan. The company devoted a great deal of attention to the emerging world of computing. In a practically untouched market, Tucano launched a variety of solutions for carrying the first compact computer in history, the now legendary Apple Macintosh Plus, designed by Steve Jobs. The first Apple computers came with a mouse and Tucano was the first Italian company to concentrate on mousepads, an iconic product that was sold worldwide. Tucano’s computer bags were ahead of the times and predicted a world that, within a few short years, would experience a revolution in habits and lifestyles.

In the 1990s the first portable computers were marketed and Tucano created Computer Comforts, the first complete line of high-tech, black bags designed to transport them. Soon after the company also began to focus on color; offering new collections that revolutionized the concept of high-tech computer bags, which met with unexpected success.

Continuous innovation carried the company beyond the computer bag concept and resulted in the development of Second Skin®, these unique neoprene cases wrap MacBooks or Notebooks like a second skin, adhering perfectly to the computer. Second Skin is the best selling and most copied product and in the world.

In 2005 the “slim” Work Out computer bag was created. This very colorful computer bag quickly became Tucano’s best selling product. The minimal lines of Tucano’s products harmonized well with the design of Apple products, and this allowed an opening on the international market.

In 2010 Apple announced a new product, the iPad, once again revolutionizing the IT marketplace. Tucano understood the innovative importance of this new device and began producing the first cases. The same thing happened with the introduction of smartphones, which inspired Tucano to create a line of covers specifically for iPhone and Samsung.

In addition, several years ago, Tucano created a collection of bags and accessories designed for travel and leisure, positioning the company in the travel and fashion industries.

Tucano for business

A very important area for Tucano is its “Tucano for Business” division. This part of the company offers ad hoc design and customized products, researching solutions for major Italian and international companies. The corporate sector projects are the result of rigorous, client-focused research that revolves around the needs and requirements of each individual business customer.

Tucano products worldwide

Tucano is present in more than 50 countries, with widespread distribution of its products—around three and a half million per year—and with a network of agents and distributors.

Tucano products can be found in computer and electronics stores, bookstores and multimedia megastores, in supermarkets and department stores across Italy and abroad as well as in the travel products’ areas in many countries’ airports.

Tucano’s headquarters in Italy and worldwide

Tucano Italy - Milan

The company’s main office is in Milan, a few short steps away from Castello Sforzesco. This is also the company’s design and concept headquarters where new products are developed.

Tucano USA, New York

Since 2003, the US subsidiary has been handling the commercial expansion strategy, marketing, and logistics for the sales channels in the markets of the USA and Canada, as well as those of Central and South America.

Tucano China, Dongguan

In Dongguan, since 2007, approximately fifty people have been managing quality control and commercial development in the Chinese and Asia Pacific markets.

Tucano International, Mendrisio

The Swiss company follows up on the marketing and sales of Tucano products on the Swiss market as well as managing the company’s relationships with its major European clients.


Tucano is the result of a product designed for everyone, easily accessible and easy to understand; products that intuitively respond to our needs and our habits, as well as to our desires. Tucano is a product and a company at the same time, able to combine simplicity and innovation, quality and reasonable prices, design and a sense of belonging to an Italian company that has been in business for almost thirty-five years.

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