The eco-friendly
buoyant backpack

The Lontra project resulted from a meeting between Angelo Falletta, president of the ATA Natura aquatic trekking association, and Franco Luini, CEO of Tucano. Made with high-tech fabric produced from recycled plastic bottles, the Lontra backpack was conceived as a unique, eco-friendly project, especially designed for aquatic excursions in and around the sea or other water-rich environments.

Lontra is

A lifebuoy
A signal buoy
A dry bag

Lontra’s outer shell is made with material produced from recycled plastic bottles and it has two, watertight dry bags inside. The double envelope makes it one of a kind, Lontra can serve as a buoyancy aid, a signal buoy, it can float along with you and ensures a dry, watertight space.

Lontra 70l

Lontra 30l

Lontra è


The orange backpack is made with material produced from recycled plastic bottles. Once they’ve been collected, the plastic bottles are ground up into small pieces, melted, and then transformed into thread.

33 bottles are used to make the big model
21 bottles are used to make the small model

ATA Natura

Woods, mountains, lakes, rivers, the sea... all amazing natural environments to explore, defend and safeguard. This is why the ATA (Italian Aquatic Trekking Association) was founded. Established by Angelo Falletta in 1988, this association’s purpose is to spread the news about a new way of getting in touch with nature. Over the course of the last 30 years, ATA has conceived and organized many important environmental protection projects.

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