Tucano’s catalogue becomes sustainable

Bags, backpacks and accessories made from recycled plastic materials? It’s all part of our green philosophy, the foundation of a sustainable path that has been constantly broadening over the last several years. A choice that we continue to reaffirm through new concepts while never compromising when it comes to the advantages that have always characterized Tucano products, offering innovative solutions to our customers but also to our planet.2022 brings with it an extraordinary surprise: VERDE, the first completely biodegradable tablet cover, made with cellulose pulp and bioplastic. An absolute innovation for eco-sustainability and environmental protection.

The new product 2022


Case for iPad 10,2’’

A bioplastic shell, a cellulose pulp cover, recycled paper packaging... maybe respecting the environment isn’t so complicated after all. Tucano is trying it out with Verde, the first 100% biodegradable cover for 10.2” iPads.

Our recycled materials

Eco-nylon, and eco-polyester, eco-friendly mesh and coated or elastic fabrics. Since the first products made in R-PET, our constant technological research allows us to select from an increasingly broad range of new recycled materials.

The first eco-cover
for tablets

There are no limits to innovation at Tucano, especially when it comes to sustainability. Our latest news for 2021? A brand-new, eco-friendly wardrobe for tablets and iPads! Each of these covers, made from recycled plastic materials, allows you to keep about 3 plastic bottles out of the landfill. A new way to protect your electronic devices while respecting (and protecting) the environment.

a green icon

We’ve given a green touch to our most iconic products: sleeves. Made with an external fabric obtained from recycled plastic bottles, Tucano’s Second Skin® collections protect your devices and respect the environmentwhile offering maximum elasticity thanks to their neoprene lining.

R-PET bags

Our bags are also made of recycled PET and we’re constantly moving forward by expanding our eco-friendly products in different channels: Consumer Electronics and Luggage & Travel.

R-PET backpacks

At Tucano, we’re not satisfied with just designing new sustainable products every day, we’re also revisiting our most iconic collections in an eco-friendly way, because we want to implement the kind of large-scale transformation that can really make a difference. Suffice it to say that to make an R-PET backpack, up to 30 bottles are saved from the landfill.

eco-friendly design for our foldables

Many of Tucano’s foldable collections are also eco-friendly, designed in recycled fabric from the very first sketch. Maximum sustainability folded up into the minimum amount space, from the smallest to the largest model for which up to 24 plastic bottles are kept out of the landfill.


We’re aiming for zero waste with our 100% recycled paper tags and biodegradable polybags, we’ve chosen packaging entirely consistent with our philosophy.

Zero impact!

Tucano boxes

Order completed? Tucano’s new e-commerce shipping boxes – made of recycled and recyclable cardboard and resealable with a completely eco-friendly tape – will carry your product to its destination.

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